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Reality TV Decoded - On Set

RealityTV Decoded


RealityTV Decoded gives birth to a new crop of creatives and shows you how to convert your ideas into a viable TV-ready concept. We do this by decoding and demystifying realityTV – giving you a true “behind the scenes” peek into how TV shows are created

We Solve the Issues with Practical Training Courses

At RealityTV Decoded, we believe media is the number one influence on society and culture – which is why there is such an emphasis for even more creative minds to emerge. However, even some of the best ideas never see the light of day because of limited resources and ineffective training programs.


​We will give you the blueprint necessary to help you develop your concept and effectively distribute it to buyers.


RealityTV Decoded seeks to solve these issues with practical training courses. The real-world solutions we offer will help you:

  • Develop a realityTV show

  • Prime, package and polish your concept

  • Prepare to pitch your reality show to distributors

The mission behind 


The clue is in the name.


Why Learn from RealityTV Decoded?

Emmy-nominated Executive producer Tracey Baker-Simmons is the founder of RealityTV Decoded.

RealityTV Decoded is the product of Baker-Simmons' 25 years of industry insight. She is the creator behind the original hit show Being Bobby Brown, starring the iconic Whitney Houston and her husband, Bobby Brown. The show helped to put Bravo on the map, paving the path for their future shows.


Together with leading industry experts, we have created a series of courses to help you become a successful producer and bring your new and fresh content to the media marketplace.


Ideas are just the seed. If you want them to come to fruition, joining these courses will help convert your idea into an attention-commanding show concept, which you can successfully pitch to television distributors.


RealityTV Decoded is an ever-evolving platform, adding more training courses to give you a complete and immersive learning experience.


Are you ready to watch your dreams unfold on the screen? Learn from the BEST Instructors in the Industry.  Join us backstage and ENROLL TODAY!

Are You Ready to Achieve Something You Never Imagined You Could?  Learn from the BEST Instructors in the Industry. ENROLL TODAY!

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